Crane Training Centers

Professional crane simulators are used to train operators around the world.  GlobalSim crane simulators are used in the training centers below.


Bahamas, Freeport (Port crane training)


Bangladesh – Chittagong (Port crane training)

CPATI –…/Training-Institute

The Chittagong Port Authority Training Institute (CPATI) has a tradition of more than twenty five years in the field of training. The CPATI conducts a number of courses for the Port officials and Port users every year in various activities including cargo & container handling.



Belgium – Antwerp (Port crane training)


OCHA belongs to CEPA, a cooperative organization of private port operators.  We provide over 450 training sessions in different disciplines annually.   We offer training activities at our Antwerp facilities, and at our clients’ premises in Belgium or abroad.  Our practice-based trainings are taught by experienced and skilled trainers.

Contact: Ann Baats
Office:  +32 3 543 96 13

Brazil – Santos (Port crane training)

Escola SENAI “Antonio de Souza Noschese” –

Português – A Escola SENAI localizada na cidade de Santos iniciou suas atividades em 1957, para prover educação profissional em diversas áreas de tecnologia. Sendo localizada no maior porto da América Latina, direcionou seu foco no atendimento ao setor portuário. Atualmente contamos com Simuladores GLOBALSIM para operações em RTG, STS, MHC e RS, o que nos permite qualificar com excelência os profissionais do porto.

Español – La scuela SENAI de la cidade de Santos inició sus actividades em1957, para proveer Educación Profesional en diversas áreas de tecnologia. Siendo localizado en mayor puerto de América Latina, direccionó su foco en la atención al sector portuario. Actualmente contamos con simuladores GLOBALSIM  para operaciones en RTG, STS, MHC e RS, que nos permite calificar con excelencia a los profesionales del puerto.

+55 13 3269-8120

Canada – Montreal (Port crane training)


As part of the Maritime Employers Association, The Montreal Harbour Training Centre provides a complete service in terms of training and workforce development skills related to loading and unloading ships on port terminals.  Among our clients, we find the port laborers, the stevedoring companies and the shipping lines.



China, Shanghai




Le Havre (Port crane training)

GMP: Générale de Manutention Portuaire
GMP Website

This center trains stevedores on STS and Mobile Harbor Crane operation.
+33 6 30 52 68 56

Israel, Ashdod (Port crane training)

Ashdod Port Company Training Center
מרכז הדרכה בחברת נמל אשדוד

This center trains professional equipment operators for ports. The simulator is used for beginning operators without a crane license to train on the STS, RTG, RMG and DJLC cranes. The center also trains certified crane operators to improve their productivity, increase safety and reduce damages.

המרכז מאמן ומכשיר עובדים במקצועות הנמל, הסימולטור של מנופי הגשר, מנופי שער ומנוף חוף משמש להדרכה של מפעילים מתחילים ללא רישיון להפעלת מנוף וכמו כן לאימון מפעילי מנוף מוסמכים על מנת להגדיל את התפוקות, להעלות את רמת הבטיחות ולמנוע נזקים

Contact: Ronen Elfassi
Office +972 8 6111734

Japan (Port crane training)

Harbor Staff Training Center
(The Longshoring Employment Security Association)
港湾技能研修センター(一般財団法人 港湾労働安定協会)

This center trains stevedores with several straddle carriers, trucks and a gantry crane. The STS and RTG crane simulator is used for training beginning operators without a crane license and crisis management training for skilled operators. The controls of the gantry crane simulator are designed the same as the real equipment.


志方 定(しかた さだむ)

Morocco – Casablanca (Port crane training)

Direction de l’Institut de Formation Portuaire


Peru, Lima


South Africa – Durban, Capetown, Ngqura (Port crane training)

Transnet Maritime School of Excellence
MSoE Website

The aim of the training centre is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to handle and operate straddle carriers and gantry cranes. The Ship-to-Shore and Rubber Tyred Gantry crane simulators are used for training operators (simulated life environment) who are without a crane license towards certificate of competence.

The simulators are also used for revalidating operator licenses and for crisis management training for skilled operators, in the case of an accident or incident.
+27 (0)31 361 2397 or +27 (0)83 488 7352

Sri Lanka, Colombo


Thailand (Port crane training)
Bangkok Port Training Simulator Center
This is the first port crane training simulation center in Indochina.  Based in Bangkok, the center belongs to the Port Authority of Thailand. This turn-key project including the building, crane simulator and the course outline was done by Techno Blast Co., Ltd .

Contact: Sist Tapahudee. M.+66-8-18375220


USA, New York


USA, Oakland